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For the Love of the Blockchain

Dapp Play Store was established in 2022 to craft interactive entertainment to the mobile world.

Dapp Play Store is a multi-coin wallet that allows users to search, play and install all blockchain applications uploaded to the store, whilst autonomously connecting to all the dapps submitted to the dapp play store wallet which ensures an easier user experience as opposed to using third party entities.By ensuring the dapps are connected the DPS wallet this allows users to easily change the mainnet to comply with whatever chain the dapp is built on.

The DPS is a Dapp which enables developers to reach their end consumers. The Dapp play store is a hybrid approach where it’s partly centralised and decentralised. 


The centralised part of the Dapp is powered by a node js backend which enables DPS admins to monitor and control the DPS.


While the decentralised sector is powered by Moralis, a cross chain blockchain solution which enables Dapps, built on different chains, to coexist easily. DPS is also able to adapt to any update in cross chain functionalities thus it will have the ability to update with the blockchain.

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Dapp Play Store litepaper 15 pages of technical architecture and roadmap on how we plan to move forward and what we bring in this ecosystem

Within our litepaper we have given a detailed and in depth explanation on how the ecosystem will operate, grow and include participation.

Dapp Play Store

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It takes the world's best talent to change the game.

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