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Blockchain Developer

Location: Global Community
Employment Type: 

What You’ll Do

  • Key contributor to the development of blockchain technology, systems and tools that support web design requirements. This includes, but is not limited to smart contract logic, wallet intergration, non-fungible tokens, decentralized autonomous organisations, meteverse, blockchain applications, react.js, solidity, javascript.

  • Maintaining a thorough knowledge of the games design to manage communication and enable early identification of issues.

  • Collaborating with the production team to develop all aspects of the specified Dapp experience from a technical perspective.

  • Providing input and/or developing the technical design and vision through all phases of the blockchain development cycle, from pre-production through final product release.

  • Maintaining a clear understanding of personal task lists and project milestones to ensure set goals will be met from a scope, schedule or dapp-play perspective.

  • Clearly communicating updates and concerns to their manager.

  • Managing requests or information needs regarding any aspect of the technical creation process with the appropriate members of the development team.

  • Actively maintaining skill-set and knowledge base by keeping track of the latest innovations from the industry in a specialized area of personal expertise.

  • Write code that fulfills the functional and technical requirements of the project.

  • Optimization of Engine and blockchain ecosystems to take full advantage of target hardware and architecture.

  • Work with proprietary existing software technology and build new technology in order to fulfill the project’s technical requirements.

  • Identify technical and developmental risks and obstacles and generate solutions to overcome identified risks.

  • Participate in development, optimization, and debugging of low-level systems like streaming, serialization, and memory management.

  • Research coding techniques and algorithms in order to keep current on technological developments and advancements in the blockchain industry.

  • Help the Technical Director and Lead Programmer to develop task roadmaps and estimate task schedules.

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